Congratulations and welcome to LevelPesa, we wish you a prosperous career with LevelPesa. Below are a few of our terms and condition:


1.      Honesty: You are required to give the correct information during and after registration, failure to this may result to blocking of your account.

2.      Activation: You are required to activate your account by completing the purchase of your package to be able to start working with LevelPesa.

3.      Limitlessness: You are allowed to promote your Links to whatever number of people as you are not limited.

4.      Cookies: We will use cookies to make sure your experience is with as much ease as possible.

5.      Availability: LevelPesa is available 24 hours round the clock 365 days of the year, so you can work anytime.

6.      Security: You are required to keep your passwords private and LevelPesa will take it us its responsibility to protect your account.

7.      Connectivity: LevelPesa will constantly reach you through your phone and email so as to keep you up to date with the state of your account

8.      Liability : You are liable to all payments you recieve through your Lipa Na M-PESA. Levelpesa does not take any liability to the payments you recieve.LevelPesa are nonrefundable.

9.  Payment Methods: You may be provided with MPESA payments immediately on registration, VISA methods are provided on further request to support@levelpesa.com.

10.  Loaning: You are required to repay all loans within the specified time. Failure to repay in time may result in penalties and further measures to recover the loan.

Note: Loans increase with increase in payments through your levelpesa account. Offers start at 10,000 in transaction value. LevelPesa account where you can withdraw from.

11.  Renewal: There are currently no renewal fees on LEVELPESA, its a swift run. win.

12.  Changes: LevelPesa terms and conditions are subject to change but you will be duly informed if that happens.


That’s all and welcome to LevelPesa, LEVELPESA, TEAMWORK MAKES DREAMS WORK.


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